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ON THE ROAD project – independent animation project of two people /visual artist & musician/

Our main idea is to create unique short art films – animations from different places of the world,
inspired by a particular country in which we are located, its culture and people.

Animation/short movie – this type of art enables us to combine music and visual art in one.

Animations reflect very much also the real-life feeling of both autors, which are running up and down trying to find the secret of life. That’s why we choose our name as a team /and also Lucia means light, Peter means stone/: 🙂

We were already with our project in these art residences:

– Nau Côclea /Camallera, Spain/, 2011
– Cité Internationale des Arts /Paris, France/, 2011
– Mecklenburg Inspiriert /Kuhlungsborn, Germany/, 2012
– Bains Connective /Brussels, Belgium/, 2012
– Centre d´Art La Rectoria /Sant Pere de Vilamajor, Spain/, 2012
– Ateljé Stundars /Solf in Korsholm, Finland/, 2013
– Bridge Guard – Residential Art, Science Centre /Štúrovo, Slovakia/, 2014
– Children’s Short Film Festival residence program /Hallein, Austria/, 2017

Lucia Černeková – painting, drawing, animation, short film, sound and all between

Exploring the mysteries of life, the world and the secret DNA of the human soul. Themes range from the personal to the more universally human and existential, including socio/global topics, the state of world affairs and the power of nature. Work was presented worldwide.

education – Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava /Master of art/, Design Skolen Kolding in Denmark
exhibitions – Slovakia, Poland, Serbia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Finland
residences, symposiums – Slovakia, Poland, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium
student animated films – Taxi, Run, Bla, Mess/age/, Oops

Peter Luha – multi-genre guitarist, singer, composer, producer and teacher

education – Comenius University in Bratislava /Master – pedagogy, music theory, guitar/, Guitar master courses, Public Conservatory /guitar/, Public School of arts – violin, visual art                   

– performances throughout Europe, India, Mexico, US..
– official endorsement – Ortega Guitars, Framus guitars, TheBone Guitars, Dowina Guitars, Elixir strings, G7th Capo, K&K sound
– I. place in the International Guitarist Competition „Gitariada 1999“ /Czech Republic/
– organizer and director of international guitar festival GUITARFEST in Bratislava /2006, 2007/ and guitar workshops