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FINLANDIA /2016 – 5’42″/ 

In the form of metaphors and symbols is Finlandia mystical, surreal attempt to dive into the depths of the human soul with a touch of intimacy between men and women. In the atmospheric, immense landscape hiding ancient secrets is displayed the internal life of man seeking the meaning of existence. His inner struggle with darkness, with himself. And then a hint of a possible liberation of soul through his own mind..
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BRUSSELS /2013 – 5’16″/

Mankind has become a slave of his own greed.
We forgot what’s really important in life. 
Present time is full of dirty politic games, manipulation, violence, envy. It’s only up to us if we allow to destroy the world and all existence, or we make a change…in the way of thinking. The revolution of our mind. Become human again.
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Politicians – Corruption, Money, Power, Dominance, Manipulation..


DER TURM /TOWER/ /2012 – 3’32″/

A story on the borders between dream and reality, depicting the recent history of the Baltic Coast, inspired by the many East German people who attempted to escape across the sea.

The coastal watchtower still stands today as a symbol of totalitarian oppression..
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SPAIN /2011 – 3’56″/ 

Motives inspired by different places in Spain, transformed to the cumulation of “flashes”.
The authors personified themselves in dogs characters, which is one line in the story-non story…

But moreless it is a kind of daydreaming on the road…
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Film Festivals, Screenings:

Golden Kuker /Sofia, BG/
Cartoons on The Bay /Rapallo, IT/
Febiofest /SK/
Beatnik TV /Manchester, UK/
FFLAC /Madrid, ES/
Tapiales Cine Corto /Tapiales, AR/
International Video Art House /Madrid, ES/
Isola Cinema – Video on the Beach /Ljubljana, SI/
Fest Anča /Žilina, SK/
CortoAcquario /Santa Marinella, IT/
Festival de Cine con Cámara de Fotos /Buenos Aires, AR/
Tehran International Short Film Festival /IR/
Festival Internacional de Cine de Pasto /CO/
Festival of Short Films /Hayah, PA/
The World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest /Zagreb, HR/
Animateka /Ljubljana, SL/
MIAF Melbourne International Film Festival /AU/
LIAF London International Film Festival /UK/
Halleiner Kinder Kurtz Film Festival /Hallein, AT/
Cerrano Film /IT/
Radio City Valencia – “Special Mention of the Jury” /ES/
Festival du Film Court en Armagnac /Condom – Gers, FR/
7th Delhi International Film Festival – “Best Concept in World Cinema Section” /IN/