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BRUSSELS /2013 – 5’16″/

Mankind has become a slave of his own greed.
We forgot what’s really important in life.

Present time is full of dirty politic games, manipulation, violence, envy. It’s only up to us if we allow to destroy the world and all existence, or we make a change.. the way of thinking. The revolution of our mind.
Become human again.

In visual part is used classical hand made animation – drawing on paper, paint on special surface, stop motion, sand animation..
Audio part is made from original sounds, that we recorded or made up, and music is also composed originally only for this animation. Final parts are edited and finished in computer.

Film festivals, screenings, presentations:

24 October 2015LIAF – London International Animation Festival /UK/
19 – 29 June 2014MIAF – International Animation Festival in Melbourne /AU/
5 – 15 June 2014International Video Art House Madridofficial selection /Spain/
2 – 8 December 2013 – International Animated Film Festival AnimatekaCentral and Eastern European Short Animated Film Competition Programme, Ljubljana /Slovenija/
26 – 31 August 2013Festival Internacional de Cine de Pastoofficial selection of experimental films, /Colombia/
1 – 7 August 2013International Festival of Short Films Hayahin competition, Hayah /Panama/,
28 June – 1 July 2013 – International Animation Festival Fest Anča, Žilina /Slovakia/
4 – 9 June 2013Animafest – World Festival of Animated Film, Zagreb /Croatia/
March 2013 – animation Brussels is finally done, also with subtitles in several languages..

Oct 2012Teaser/trailer for animation Brussels is done. Watch here!!-